Hire Mike

I'm in the process of leaving a developer relations role at IBM where I've built client libraries and actively engaged with different developer communities over the past 2.5 years. I enjoyed working with some incredible people and technologies but am looking forward to a new environment to test my skills

I've been involved with software and web development since 2008, producing everything from websites and web apps to prototypes and SDKs. I work primarily in NodeJS and Javascript and with a combination of database technologies. I'm also well-versed in PHP development, especially the Laravel framework. I can also help with the use and creation of SaaS and PaaS systems, as well as with infrastructure and deployment.

My tech community organising includes Hackference as well as many smaller community events around the UK. I'm an internationally-recognised technology speaker, presenting at events in the US and Europe (with Asia soon to follow) - you might want to check out some of my past and upcoming appearances. I'm currently based in Birmingham, UK, and I'm currently not open to relocation. I'm very happy working on a remote friendly team as well as in an office environment.

Get in touch at [email protected] to start a conversation about working together. Even if something isn't a great fit for me right now, I'm always happy to see if it's a great fit for someone in my network!

  • I'm great at…
  • Developer facing communications and outreach
  • Demo building and programming
  • Relationship building
  • Events and hackathons
  • Managing remote teams and volunteers
  • Public speaking
  • Outreach strategy
  • Mentorship
  • Community building
  • International program development
  • I want to do more…
  • Work with emerging technology markets
  • Demo building and programming
  • Work with non-traditional talent
  • Work in open source
  • Work that has some social or cultural good
  • Teaching and coaching
  • I don't want…
  • A role that requires relocation
  • A role with poor work/life balance
  • To work in a toxic environment
  • A combat-heavy culture
  • A company with annoying marketing practices (spam emails, etc)