Mike Elsmore

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Welcome to my little corner of the web

Hi, I'm Mike Elsmore, the flesh-and-bone human (kind of) that this site is representing.

So, a little something about me for those that don't know me already; I'm a software developer and hacker currently employed as a Developer Advocate for IBM Cloud Data Services. I've been building websites and applications, primarily in web based technologies, since I graduated from University in 2008; I've helped to craft applications for supply chains, business performance and more hacks than I care to remember.

You may also like to know that I run Hackference, Birmingham's longest-running pure tech conference and hackathon. Along with my friends @JakePrice86 & @curtis-h I've been running it since 2013.


I discovered that I like to speak publicly, not just because I love the sound of my own voice but because I like sharing stuff that I've learnt. You can find most of my talk history on Lanyrd, and below are a few recordings of these.