Mike's Resume


I live and breathe technology, not only is it the passion I chose and follow as a career but it's also a heavy part of my past and current hobbies.

I consider myself a backend engineer, but I throw my hands at most things, learning DevOps, Developer Tooling, React, and anything else useful in multiple roles. After learning these new skills I happily teach others, either through mentoring, talks, or just helping out where I can.

I wasn't kidding when I say my hobbies revolve around code, I can often be found outside of work streaming on Twitch building something or other, or even doing maintenance. I've also been running or helping to run developer events for the better part of a decade, and recently taken up tech podcasting to keep myself busy.


Infobip - Senior Developer AdvocateNovember 2022 - Current

Working at Infobip has meant being quite cross-disciplinary, working with several departments covering a spectrum of tasks. The primary tasks & initiatives that I have led have been developer marketing and outreach through events, content, and community building & management. I’ve also taken a key role in strengthening the developer experience of using Infobip with documentation, including the release of a new docs platform, management of our SDKs, and continued involvement with engineering to maintain the quality of the APIs being released.

InfoSum - Lead Developer AdvocateMay 2022 - October 2022

At InfoSum I was focused on the latest product release which was an API focused product for direct developer integration, as a next generation of the InfoSum Platform. During the initial release I spent my time integrating with engineering, product, and marketing to get everything right lined up for release to actual developers. My work was around representing possible developers within specifications stages, building out initial developer documentation portal, researching the OSS communities, and initial SDK development.

CloudQuery - Senior Developer AdvocateOctober 2021 - April 2022

At CloudQuery I've been primarily working towards content generation for using the CloudQuery itself, and the surrounding platforms to simplify usage, on top of that I've been incubating the community to start encouraging an ecosystem as well as adoption.

Optic Labs
Optic Labs - Developer AdvocateMay 2021 - July 2021

During my time at Optic, I took responsibility for beginning the program of specifying, designing, building, and releasing the initial Optic SDKs (with Node being the first released). Alongside this, I did prototyping using Optic with other projects in the OSS world, as well as writing, some documentation work, and live streaming. On top of this, I started looking into how to develop relationships with the existing community, as well as try to work out how to monitor the health of the existing OSS user base.

Logz.io - Developer AdvocateFebruary 2020 - February 2021

Working as a Developer Advocate within the Product Marketing organisation, I cover supporting wider marketing (and other orgs) activities within Logz.IO to support users of the Open Source technology the Logz.IO Observability Platform is built upon. I've introduced streaming as a means of outreach, as well as starting a videocast/podcast around OpenObservability to promote Open Source tools for Observability within the wider DevOps and Developer communities. Alongside this I produce talks, blogs, and technical assets to support practitioners around Open Source and Logz.io, and where possible feed the practitioners feedback back into the product.

Packt Publishing
Packt Publishing - Lead DeveloperMay 2018 - January 2020

Leading the redevelopment of its current internal architecture to a smaller more repeatable (micro)service architecture. As well as development, I help with upskilling the team and when requested do Developer Relations tasks.

My primary tasks have been

  • Basic Solution architecture
  • Complete re-architecture of the in-house microservice platform.
  • Service investigation and design
  • Leading the service engineers and preparing for go live

BuiltByMe - ContractorApril 2017 - April 2019

Freelance software development in Nodejs & PHP, everything from building SDKs & client libraries to full-stack development and systems architecture. Also specialising in consultancy around Developer Relations, with content delivery, developer onboarding, developer outreach and strategy execution.

IBM - Developer AdvocateSeptember 2014 - April 2017

Developer Advocate for Cloud Data Services, covering products like Cloudant, dashDB, Apache Spark and Graph Data Store. My core focus has been developer outreach in Europe through speaking at conferences, meetups and hackathons. I write conference talks, workshops and blog posts to support our online and offline research, as well as develop proofs-of-concept and prototypes around our technologies and others. Recently I've also taken ownership of client libraries for early-stage products.

Blubolt - DeveloerApril 2014 - September 2014

I spent my time doing API integrations into the in-house eCommerce platform named blucommerce. This was full stack work, including changes/additions to the front-end in Javascript and the back-end in PHP.

Winnine Moves Ltd
Winning Moves Ltd - PHP DeveloerDecember 2011 - February 2014

As a PHP Developer working under both the Software Manager & CEO I work on a multitude of projects. Producing fixes and updates to major international Web Applications such as http://www.benchmarkindex.com as well as from the ground up sites and applications (including mobile interfaces for parts of an internal CRM).

BAM Agency
BAM Agency - Web DeveloperJanuary 2011 - December 2011
JB Global Ltd
JB Global Ltd - SEO SpecialistJune 2010 - December 2010
10Yetis / Petoba
10Yetis / Petoba - Web Developer & SupportNovember 2008 - June 2010


Keele UniversityComputer Science and International History BSc (Dual) Hons 2008